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Bzzzt. Sorry, would you like to buy a vowel?

Guess: eitje

FF: Happy Birthday!
FF6: Damn right it is.
I'll guess bensonk, too

FF:I'm on the 8th page!

I guess Cid.

FF: Because RTemp is only a year younger (assuming hex representation of age) than me, he should actually prefer older final fantasies and get all nostalgic and talkative when he plays them. There are amazing experiences to be found within them. Who can forget the uberjob system of five? I mean, sure six had Kefka, who kicks ass, and lots of interesting characters, but the setting sucked! FFIII ≥ (FFVI + א)
FF2: People are overly critical of the newer Final Fantasies. Not only is FFX pretty, having an innovative story, it brought an unprecedented level of difficulty for the series (Nemesis, anyone?). Plus the sphere grid was cool. FFX-2 is fun as long as you pay absolutely no attention to the story, which takes everything FFX did right and does it wrong. FFXII was kick ass, despite of it's want-to-be archaic and weird conversations and less innovative characters. Real time was a giant leap forward, and that game is ridiculously difficult if you're like me and want to do everything I have a play time of two hundred and fifty seven hours! So much [wonderful] time grinding and farming and such.
FF3: I love difficult games, so don't misinterpret.
I can be Cid if others will it.

Guess: Shadow

FF: My ringtone for my brother-in-law (an engineer) is Cid's theme from FF4.
FF2: The job system in 5 did rock pretty good, but I liked the setting of FF6. I liked the combination of machination and fantasy.
FF3: FFX was good. Never bothered with X-2. XII is very hard, yes, but I do enjoy it. What about IX? I personally love that one, but others seem to despise it.
I guess Darcey.

FF: My schedule changed because I don't have finals or tests any more until next quarter. (Sorry to disappoint)

I guess rtempt 'cause it's his birthday.

FF: Facebook statuses don't have 'is' anymore! YAY!
I am the shadow.

Guess: Rtemp

FF: People with a mathematical or scientific inclination tend to like Final Fantasy.
FF2: A lousy level up system.
FF3: IX brings the series in a different direction than it was going; back towards it's root, as it were. I like seven and eight, but I also liked one to five, so for me it didn't make a difference, but to most people, who liked the realism in seven and eight, it looked like a step backwards.
FF4: Every final fantasy brings something new to the series. Even the loathful two introduced the beloved Chocobo. How do you pronounce Chocobo? I pronounce it Choh-koh-boh.

Guess: Liempt

FF: I noticed the facebook status thing this morning when I typed my current status. Unfortunately, I still needed an "is" for my status.

FF2: Yes, the leveling system sucked, but they get points for trying something different. "Crap, I need magic for this battle!" "Crap, All of my magic spells are level 1 with only 1 use!" *8 hours later* "Now my magic is powered up, but I hate this game now..."
FF3: I normally pronounce it as "Chah-kah-boo" but that's because one of my friends brainwashed me at a young age. I believe that the "correct" pronunciation is "Choh-koh-boh" like you say it.
FF4: Because of the same friend, I used to always say relic like "re-lick"
FF5: I'm having too much fun with these fun fact convo's
Guess: Aran

FF2: Weird as hell.
FF3: Hard as hell, what is up with having a finite quantity of Phoenix Down?
FF4: Decent, but not fantastic.
FF5: Great. Had enough challenge to be playable without being insane either way.
FF6: Pwn.
FF7: Ehh...see FF4.
FF8: See FF2.
FF9: Decent, not fantastic, but a solid game overall.
FFX: See FF6.
FFX-2: Softcore pron, not a game, really.
FF12: See FF4.

For a terrible joke, why do computer scientists confuse Halloween with Christmas?
guess = dave

I'm sorry, Fr0stee. I can't do that.

guess: Liempt.

fun fact #1: i make a trail mix of raisins, almonds, and pecans for lunch, and i follow my dinner (typically something with turkey or chicken) with yogurt!

fun fact #2: FF9, FF6, FF7, FF8, FF4, FF1, FF5

fun fact #3: i have not made it to FF2 & FF3 on my DS yet, and I only recently got a PS2 (and I don't think i'll like any of the FF10+ games...)
guess bensonk

FF: Squaresoft soundtracks are wonderful.
I know a Ben.

I think Dave will come next.

FF: I forgot to give a fun fact last time.
FF(addendum): FFXII was a lot of fun, with a story I enjoy and a great climax, but the music sucked so hard. The music alone put me and all my friends to sleep on a few occasions. =(
I'm not Dave! I don't look anything LIKE Dave! GAH.

Fun Fact: I saw the midnight showing of "I Am Legend" this morning. You can watch the 1960s version of this movie here.
i knew the next poster would be me.

now, the next poster will NOT be rtemp.
Wow, you just failed at life. Sorry.

Guess: woktiny

FF: I have more t-shirts than any one person needs. Ever.
I guess rtemp
FF: That movie eitje linked, The Last Man On Earth, has Co-Stars, what role will they play?
I guess rtemp.

FF: We have an Outside now!
I nominate Darcey to be next.

FF: Does our Outside come fenced like a yard? Is it in the front, or in the back?

I declare bensonk.

FF1-6: Never played
FF7: Nice. Wish more effort had been put into Tifa than her bouncing rack. Number Six.
FF8: One of my personal favourites. Though, the systems were tiresome. Number Two.
FF9: First one I ever played. Greatly enjoyed it. Number three.
FF10: I loved it up until I got to Sin, then it simply got tiresome. Number Five.
FF10-2: This is actually much better than most give it credit for. This is fourth on my list.
FF11: Never played
FF12: Fantastic game. Number One.
ben is NOT on K.

i'd like darcey to be next!

fun fact: I should have known that rtemp *always* posts after me in the mornings.
I am the current poster, not Darcey.

For a guess, I'll go with Scone because I'm hungry

FF: Mad Hattress needs to play numbers 1,4,5, and 6 on the Final Fantasy scale.
You'll be wrong. No scones for you.

I guess eitje

FF: Then where would Mad Hattress get them for low-low prices (read: free)
I'll guess rtemp.

FF: I'm done with the quarter! YAY!

guess: Mad Hattress

FF: Mad Hattress might try looking at a site like this: provided that she is not opposed to such a thing as emulation. FF1 is obviously NES, 4,5,6 are SNES but 4 and 6 will be labeled as 2 and 3, just in case one did not know such things.
Next: Yo momma

FF: I haven't been on these forums for a while
Nice job, hot stuff. Guess: GodShapedBullet

FF: Our village doesn't even have a village bicycle, so that doesn't make sense.
Correct! Guess: rtemp

FF: I'm afraid of scorpions.
nopers, but maybe after I?

Fun Fact: Super Mario Brothers 3, World seven, Castle One
I guess eofpi

FF: I'm making teh GUIs!
i might as well just always guess rtemp.

fun fact: I use an "m3 ds real perfect bundle" which allows me to load up GBA & DS roms directly on my DS lite without swapping carts! I have the Roms for ff1-6 all on one device (and I also own the carts, for DMCA compliance)!
You have just failed

I guess Darcey

Fun fact:There are three years between the ages of my mum and dad also between me and by brother, 3 years between him and the next and three years between him and the next. Now thats, either an amazing coincidence, disturbing family tradition or excellent family planning.
I guess WokTiny.

I guess rtemp.

i might as well just always guess rtemp.

fun fact: I use an "m3 ds real perfect bundle" which allows me to load up GBA & DS roms directly on my DS lite without swapping carts! I have the Roms for ff1-6 all on one device (and I also own the carts, for DMCA compliance)!

But, did you make the roms yourself?
FF:this thread is slowing down.
It is I.


FF: The thread is neither fun nor factual. =(

FF: This thread can only be fun for so long. . .
I guess WokTiny.

FF: Password salting is important. More people should do it.


FF: I'm not dead. I'll return to posting soon :)
rtemp is my guess, as it will always be from this point on.

fun fact: rtemp is stalking me, i think.
Wrong, eitje again

FF: I would be a poor guess for a few more days
Haven't posted here in a while. So here I am.

Guess: Liempt

FF: I only use 1 shift key when I touch type
Thought i'd come in and ruin it for you since it's like my second post.

I guess Liempt?

FF:I downloaded progress quest from a link on one of the other posts, i've left it running for about an hour and currently i'm on the quest "seek the crystalline candelabra"

I guess. . . Aran?

FF: If I were a rich man, nananananananananananananana. . .
Methought i saw my late espoused saint
brought to me like Alcestus from the grave
holy moly what on earth is going on? i was on the "Totally Random" post and when i pressed submit all of a sudden i was on this one? is this a new bug or old?

anyway since i'm here i might as well guess eitje

FF:I don't actually know that poem off by heart i just love the word methought and so i googled it and that came up
I guess lozzaaa based on a 2-post backtrack.

FF: AI is a frightening yet interesting field of study.
Nope. 'Tis me.

Guess: eitje

FF: Ever since summer, every time I see an internet hug, I think of this comic.
Unlucky it's me.

I guess bensonk just in case

FF:Three of the 6 quarks were originally called beauty, truth and charm which you probably know but i just find funny that there were ever hippy physicists.
wooo, I got guessed!

I guess WokTiny.

FF: IRC bots are fun, but often get annoying.
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